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I had only been to Smalley Falls in Marinette County, Wisconsin once before. On that trip I wasn’t prepared to wade out into the river to photograph the falls. On this trip I was prepared with knee boots but the water level was too high because it had been raining for several weeks. A good shot of the falls can be had if you are willing to wade out into the river but is was a no go this trip.Smalley-Falls-14-10-_1486

Smalley Falls is somewhat difficult to photograph because it is in a small steep gorge without many clear shots of the waterfall. Smalley Falls is actually a series of small falls that flow through the gorge. Nothing spectacular but a very nice series of waterfalls in a beautiful location.Smalley-Falls-14-10-_1496

I was disappointed in part because the water levels were high but also because it was a beautiful day with lots of sun and shade.Smalley-Falls-14-10-_1519

I finally decided the only way I would get any useful shots was to try using High Dynamic Range photography. In other words take multiple shots of the same scene and try to capture the bright sun in one shot, the mid-scenes in another and the areas in shade in a third shot. By combining the three shots in post processing I hoped to get an acceptable product.Smalley-Falls-14-10-_1531


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  1. Nice shots!!! Waterfalls are one of my favorite subjects too.

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