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We were up early for a drive down to Jackson Hole. Normally it would have been an easy drive from West Yellowstone down through the park but the road was closed south of Old Faithful so we had to drive down the western slope of the Tetons through potato country.Mesa-Falls-14-10-_0488

It was really foggy in the morning and folks were driving like there was no tomorrow so we decided to take a detour and drive over to Mesa Falls to avoid the main road. This wasn’t all that much better because it was open range and we kept seeing cattle along the road.Mesa-Falls-14-10-_0930

By the time we reached Mesa Falls the sun was out. Mesa Falls was very impressive with lots of water flowing and a nice rainbow out over the falls.Mesa-Falls-14-10-_0478a

As we continued our drive through Eastern Idaho we saw patches of color. Where there was color it looked to be nearing its peak.Idaho-14-10-_0518

As we continued our drive toward Victor, Idaho we could see storm clouds over the Targhee National Forest and fresh snow on the ground.Targhee-National-Forest-14-10-_0539

As we left Victor, Idaho to head over the mountains there was some nice color along the road.Jedediah-Smith-Wilderness-14-10-_0551

Driving over the mountains we encountered a snow storm with several inches on the road and poor driving conditions. We felt sorry for the folks living in Victor and having to drive to Jackson Hole to work.Jedediah-Smith-Wilderness--14-10-_0568


  1. Gorgeous. We were in that same area back in September, but it didn’t have the color that you saw. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That picture of the houses Victor is absolutely breathtaking! Almost like a painting.

  3. Beautiful!

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