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We continued on our way to Old Faithful arriving late in the morning. It was raining hard when we arrived so we headed for the Education center to kill a little time and find out when the various geysers were going to blow. My wife downloaded an app for her phone that gave the times for the big geysers.


Old Faithful was going to blow in about a half an hour but it was still raining so walked over to Old Faithful Inn to grab some coffee and watch from under cover. Old Faithful did it’s thing and it was still raining so we walked over to the cafeteria and grabbed some lunch. During lunch it quit raining so we started a walk through the geyser basin.


The sun was in and out of the clouds. There continued to be great clouds as a backstop for the various geysers.


When we arrived at Grand Geyser we found some benches and a few people waiting for the eruption. My wife checked her app and found that there was a two hour period when it could erupt so we continued on.

Grand Geyser-Upper-Geyser-Basin-Yellowstone-National-Park-14-9-_3240

When we arrived at Grotto Geyser it was blowing a lot of steam so we watched it for a while.


The last stop on the trail was Morning Glory Pool. As the sign indicated it was but a shadow of its former self but still beautiful.


We then headed back the same way we came and spent a little more time photographing Grotto Geyser.


As we approached Grand Geyser we noticed it was erupting. We hurried along the trail but as it turned out the eruption lasted for quite a while so I managed quite a few photos.

Grand Geyser-Upper-Geyser-Basin-Yellowstone-National-Park-14-9-_3309

We then wandered past Castle Geyser which was scheduled to erupt at about the same time as Old Faithful.


As it turned out it started to rain so we decided on Old Faithful and walked over to the visitors center to get a cup of hot coco while we waited out the rain. As it turned out the service at the dining area was too slow so I went back to photograph Old Faithful in the rain.


After the eruption we headed back to West Yellowstone. We found a herd of buffalo along the road and as we drove along the Madison River there was a Bull Elk at the edge of the river.


More photos from Yellowstone National Park can be found on my website.


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  1. Old Faithful has one faithful activity. She always shoots up in the middle of a heated moment. Once she cools, she returns back to the starting point. Every argument deserves a moment to cool down and find better ways to spend one’s energy.

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