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On our second day in Yellowstone National Park we decided to drive over to the Old Faithful area and spend the day. As we started out we could see heavy clouds with a hint that things might clear.

As we drove along the Madison River we passed Mount Haynes with partially clearing skies in the background.


Shortly after Madison Junction we turned off on Firehole Canyon Drive which follows the along the Firehole River. The reason for taking this road was to photograph Firehole Falls. There wasn’t a lot of parking but managed to find a spot and spent some time looking at this beautiful waterfall.


As we drove into open country we encountered a herd of Buffalo and quite a few fishermen. There was a lot of early morning fog along the river.


At Firehole Lake Drive we encountered more Buffalo and White Dome Geyser.White-Dome-Gyser-14-9-_2283

Further on we passed the famous Ghost Forest. It consists of a forest of dead trees killed by thermal activity and seemingly preserved. I had photographed Ghost Forest a number of years ago in the summer. I think with green grass it is a more striking photograph.


More photos from Yellowstone National Park can be found on my website.

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