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Things have sure changed in Yellowstone since I was a kid. When our family drove through Yellowstone in the 50’s there were cars lined up all along the roads with people feeding the bears. I recall one day I had a temper tantrum and refused to get out of the car when we stopped. My parents and brother went into a store to look around (those were different times). After a while I decided to go into the store and when I exited the car a bear followed me along the sidewalk. My parents saw me hightailing it along the street ahead of the bear.

When my family made a trip to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks about fifteen years ago we didn’t see a single bear. Fortunately on this trip we were able to see Grizzly Bears on several occasions.Grizzly-Bears-14-9-_2720

After leaving Norris Geyser Basin we encountered a traffic jam. Folks were exiting their car and moving forward to photograph something but we didn’t know what. It wasn’t long before the park ranger showed up with lights flashing. Soon everyone was back in their car. As we drove by we saw a mother bear and what appeared to be a two year old cub along the road feeding. We couldn’t stop but I took a couple of photos as we drove by. The ranger didn’t look too happy as he routed people out of the woods near the bears.


Two days later we had a second encounter, this time near Canyon Village. We drove out of the woods into an open area and noticed a couple of cars parked along the road. There was a buffalo grazing along the road so we stopped to watch the buffalo.


I noticed a photographer with a long lens mounted on his tripod but it wasn’t pointed at the buffalo. Following his line of sight I could see a Grizzly Bear with what appeared to be a two year old cub walking out of the woods. It was in the same general area as our first sighting so it could have been the same bears.

Grizzly Bears14-9-_3071

The bears went down in a shallow dip and we could see them wrestling around. The other photographer was running around trying to get a shot of them. We continued to watch the buffalo.Grizzly Bears14-9-_3122

The bears kept walking toward the buffalo when suddenly the adult bear reared up for a better look. At this point the buffalo was looking intently toward the bears. when the bear reared up the buffalo pivoted and headed in the opposite direction at a good pace.

Grizzly Bears 14-9-_3061


We watched the bears for a while and then continued on our journey. When we caught up to the buffalo it was a good mile down the road.

More photos from Yellowstone National Park can be found on my website.

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