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Every year is different and every year a different bird species seems to provide a an better photo opportunity than the other birds. This year it was the Eastern Bluebirds that stole the show.Eastern-Bluebird-male-11-5-_2836


I have Eastern Bluebirds on the farm every summer but it’s not often I’m able to get a lot of great shots. In fact, 2012 was the last summer when I was able to photograph them building their nest. That year the nested in an appropriate house, one where I could easily get some photos, early in the spring.Eastern Bluebird female 12-4-_0237


This year they picked out the same house but were pushed out when the Tree Swallows arrived and took the house next to it. They selected another house for their first clutch. I was able to get some photos of them around the bird bath. It seems they like a good bath after a long period on the nest.Eastern-Bluebird-14-5-_1722


In late June I notice they were once again looking at the same house they abandoned in the spring. It seemed a little strange because The Tree Swallows were still in the next house raising their young. The swallows and bluebirds seemed to get along fine.Eastern-Bluebird-14-6-_6237

After about a week I decided they must be nesting so I setup my blind out in the yard and then waited for a few days to see it the blind disturbed the bluebirds. It didn’t so early in the morning I setup in the blind to see I could get a few shots.Eastern-Bluebird-14-6-_6346

As luck would have it they were not nesting and they picked this particular day to build their nest. They spent the entire day working on the nest.Eastern-Bluebird-14-6-_6355

The female did most of the work while the male seemed to be standing guard and following her when she went to the garden for nesting material. I had a pile of dried grass in the garden which made it easy for her to gather material.Eastern-Bluebirds-14-6-_6839

While in the middle of building the nest two fledglings from the first clutch turned up waning some attention. This was a first for me. I had never seen the adult birds with their fledgling.Eastern-Bluebird-fledglings-14-6-_6422

Once the nest was built the adults and the fledglings seemed to hang around on the same perches. The fledglings clearly wanted to be fed but the adult seemed to ignore them.Eastern-Bluebird-fledglings-14-6-_7116

While raising the second clutch the adults frequented the bird bath putting on quite a show. This one made several visits to the bath and then perched while preening.

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird


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  1. Wonderful and interesting captures!

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