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I has several days to walk around Canal Park in Duluth so I managed to come up with some different photographs.

On the first morning I had gotten up to photograph the sunrise. Although the view to the east was not that great there were some nice clouds just off of the Park Point Beach that generated some nice colors.Sunrise-Lake-Superior-14-8-_1773

The second morning there wasn’t much of a sunrise so I decided to take some photographs of the harbor lights. In this one I set the camera to a long exposure and then slowly zoomed my lens.Duluth-Dock-Lights-14-8-_2379

I met a couple of Paddleboarders down by the Waterfront Plaza Marina. I started talking with them as they paddled by. The woman had a friend on the paddleboard with Paddleboarder-and-Friend-14-8-_2469her.

It was one of the few nice days I had on my last trip to Duluth so I stopped in Canal Park to watch the kids chase the birds. This little girl had found a feather and was throwing it up into the air and watching it sail away.Throwing-Feathers-14-8-_2477


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