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Fourth of July weekend I was able to get some nice dawn photographs at Wisconsin Point. I was hoping to replicate the experience on a visit to Park Point in Duluth.

We had visitors at our place in Duluth so I was on my own for this trip. For this reason I was able to get an extra early morning start. I drove down Minnesota Ave to the parking lot next to Sky Harbor Airport. There are several access points to the Lake Superior Beach from this location. I was hoping to photograph the long grass with dawn in the background. As it turned out there was not much of a dawn. It has been hazy in Duluth because of smoke from Canadian fires and fog on the lake. The result was no dawn to photograph and the beach grass in this area was not very long. As luck would have it I noticed this shot as I was walking back to the parking lot from the beach. The color in the sky is from the lights of Superior.Park-Point-Sunrise-14-8-_0122-

I decided to drive back down to a beach access point around 12th Street and see if there were any shots to be had. Dawn was a bust but as the sun rose above the haze on the lake it created a delayed sunrise. I walked along the beach and found a place that I could photograph the beach grass with the sunrise in the background.Park-Point-Sunrise-14-8-_0246
More photos from my visit to Park Point can be found on my website.

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