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I was on my way back home from watching a ship arrive in Duluth when I noticed a group of young people out on Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum. It’s not uncommon for kids to be hanging out on the Mausoleum in the summer. It’s a popular spot on warm days.Uncle-Harvey's-Mausoleum-14-8-_0504

What was unusual was what they were doing. They had secured a strap from an old pier support post to the mausoleum and were tight walking between the two. I was very impressed with their skills. I don’t think I could make the walk on a foot wide secure plank. I stopped and watched them for a while before heading home.Uncle-Harvey's-Mausoleum-14-8-_0510

Later in the day I was on my way back down to Canal Park to watch the last ship of the day depart the harbor. I walked past a group of young people when a couple of them turned around and asked me if I had been taking photos at the Mausoleum. they wanted to know if I had gotten any good photos. They were the young people out o the Mausoleum. I gave them my website and told them to check in about a week.Uncle-Harvey's-Mausoleum-14-8-_0519



  1. And we did look eventually! That was me that talked to you. Thanks so much for posting, great pictures!

  2. Great photographs! I could definitely not walk that rope. What exactly is Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum?

    • It” the remains of an old sand and gravel offloading pier that extended out into Lake Superior before it was destroyed by ice. This is all that remains of it.

      • That is really interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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