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We used Duluth as a base and headed out to photograph the waterfalls along the south shore of Lake Superior between Superior and Bayfield. Our first stop was Twin Falls but we were very disappointed to find there was almost no water flowing over Twin Falls. We continued on to Lost Creek Falls.

More photos from Lost Creek Falls can be found on my website.


With all of the recent rain the trail was very muddy. We hiked in from Klemik Road because isn’t as steep as the trail from Cornucopia. There were a lot of mud holes in the trail and knee boots would be a good choice on this hike.Lost-Creek-Falls-14-6-_7843a

There were a lot of wildflowers in bloom along the trail including a rare find. I just happened to look into the wood at the right moment to see this Pink Lady Slipper hiding under dome other plants.Pink-Lady's-Slipper-14-6-_7904



Again we didn’t find as much water flowing in the river as we expected given all of the rain and the wet trail. However, there was enough water to provide some nice shots.Lost-Creek-Falls-14-6-_7886


  1. Please stop directing people to Lost Creek Falls via Klemik Road. The trail you are telling people to walk on is actually a snowmobile trail that is closed except for snowmobile season. People were walking on the trail last year and were almost hit by snowmobiles. This is not a hiking trail. There is no parking area off of Klemik Road and people parking along Klemik make it very hard for the Town of Bell road crew to maintain the dirt road.

    The Bayfield County Forestry Department maintains a parking area for access to the falls about 1/2 mile down Trail Drive. The trail to the falls is marked with blue paint.

    The correct way to access Lost Creek Falls is via Trail Drive off of County Highway C.

    I attached a link to the correct trail:

    Thank You,

    Eleanor Chernoff

    • I’m flattered that you think I’m sending lots of folks to Lost Creek Falls via Klemik Road. You should probably be directing you comments to most of the Wisconsin waterfall websites including the DNR website that use the Klemik Road directions. Patrick Lisi great Wisconsin waterfall book also uses the Klemik Road directions.

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