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With all of the rain in South Dakota we spent more time than expected looking for buffalo. We drove the Wildlife Loop several different times before we were close enough to photograph buffalo.Buffalo-14-5-_4404

Actually the spring is not the best time to photograph buffalo at Custer State Park. The herd disperses during the spring calving and the bulls are kicked out of the herd. Never-the-less we did find some to photograph. I much prefer to photograph them during the rut. At this time the herds are larger and include the cows, bulls and calves. Unfortunately the rut usually peaks around Sturgis so it is sometimes difficult to find a place to stay.Buffalo-14-5-_4421
We encountered this small herd near the Wildlife Station. It had been hanging around the area but we never happened to be on the road when the herd was near the road. We lucked out on this particular afternoon.Buffalo-14-5-_4408

On another afternoon we drove down to The Wind Cave National Park. In the past I’ve been able to find some bulls along road to Rankin Ridge Lookout. We were not disappointed on this trip.Buffalo-14-5-_4301

More Photos from Custer State Park can be found on my website.


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