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The night before we were leaving for the 4th of July weekend I put the cat out for the night. The cat immediately hunkered down and started looking under the car. I knew something was in the garage. Turned out to be a large adult raccoon. It took off and I shut the garage door.

The next morning I was outside feeding the birds and when I walked into the garage I noticed a baby raccoon hiding against the wall. I tried to move it out of the garage with a pole but the little bugger was strong as an ox. I called my wife and we both tried to get it out but failed.
I moved the tractor out of the garage and found the raccoon hiding behind some wood. My wife took the hose and hosed it down and I ushered it out with a pole. We both felt bad for it but it couldn’t stay in the garage.

When we returned after the 4th weekend and drove into the garage I knew right away that something had been in the garage because things were knocked down all over the garage. As I started toward house I noticed these two fellows perched on top of the vacuum cleaner canister in the garage. We took their picture and then opened the garage doors so they could leave. After about 15 minutes they were both gone. At least we hope they were both gone.

Later I noticed that the adult had been trying to get into the garage. There were muddy tracks all over the edge of the garage door.


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