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Our late spring trip to Custer Park was supposed to be a chance and get out and hike. We had a nice hike in the Badlands National Park but things got off to a slow start in Custer. The problem was rain. It rained almost every day and not a little shower but a real old fashion electrical storms with downpours. Every time we started out on a hike the weather turned ugly. We have Custer on our weather bug and it appears the rain has continued into the summer.

One day it did look like we would not get any storms so we headed to the Harney Peak trailhead at Sylvan Lake. When we arrived it was so foggy that we could barely see the boulders surrounding Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake

There were a lot of flowers out on Trail # 9. This is the first time I’ve hiked in the area when the spring flowers were at their peak.

Birds-foot Trefoil

Birds-foot Trefoil

When we reached Harney Peak we couldn’t really see much. We hoped to see some sheep at the top but there were none to be found. In fact the rangers said they had not been seeing many around.

Harney Peak

Harney Peak

Harney Peak

Harney Peak













On the return trip we hiked down the Cathedral Spires Trail #4 l with a detour to Little Devils Tower before returning to Sylvan LakeHarney-Peak-Trail-Custer-State-Park-14-5-_3026


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