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After Breakfast we headed back out to the Badlands to hike some of the trails.Badlands-National-Park-14-5-_3360

It’s a little scary when the first thing you see on the trail is a sign warning you about Rattlesnakes.Badlands-National-Park-14-5-_3384

On the trail you walk through some grasslands. The spring flowers were out it large numbers. I’ve hike these trails many times and this was the most flowers I’ve ever seen.Badlands-National-Park-14-5-_3396


Part of the trails are through dirt and rocks. We had asked the ranger on the way in if there had been any rain. Fortunately the trails were mostly dry. If they had been wet we wouldn’t have made the trip. The dirt in the Badlands is commonly called gumbo. It sticks to everything and is very difficult to get off of your shoes.Badlands-National-Park-14-5-_3487


This shot is a closeup of the above formation.Badlands-National-Park-14-5-_3494

We didn’t see all that many other hikers. The day before we had see lots of old people (people our age) at the rest stops but on the trail we didn’t see anyone over 30. Most of the hikers were young people including a large class that we met on the eastern end of the trail.Badlands-National-Park-14-5-_3500

More photos from the Badlands National Park can be found on my website.

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