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About ten years ago I stopped at Wall, S.D. on the way to Colorado. I got up early but there had been a storm and I figured the sunrise wasn’t going to be that great. But as I drove toward the Black Hills I could see that the sun was going to rise through an opening in the clouds on the horizon. It was the most spectacular sunrise I’ve ever seen but I was on the freeway and wasn’t able to photograph it. I never made that mistake again.

This time it was a different mistake. I set my phone alarm to wake up about an hour and a half before sunrise. As were driving out of the motel parking lot my wife asked why we were getting up at 3 am . I pointed out that it was 4 am. After some discussion I realized that my phone was still on central time and the Badlands are on Rocky Mountain time. For some reason my phone hadn’t switched. We drove around the block went back to bed.



On this morning the sunrise wasn’t all that spectacular. It was great being out in the morning and as the sun came up there were deer and antelope roaming through the prairie. Deer-Badlands-National-Park-Sunrise-14-5-_3271
I managed to photograph some Yucca plants with the sun coming up in the background. When my son way younger he always called them the bad hair day cactus Badlands-National-Park-Sunrise-14-5-_3317

After viewing the Sunrise we headed back to Wall to have breakfast at Wall Drug.

More photos from the Badlands National Park can be found on my website.


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  1. Great pictures!!

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