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On the way back from Pipestone we decided to see if we could find the Touch the Sky Prairie. It was more difficult than we anticipated because the instructions in the local brochure were a little confusing.

We discovered that the Prairie had also been recently burned. One part was black from the recent burning and another part had greened up. I took a few photos and we went back to town until later in the evening so we could get some evening light on the prairie.Touch-the-Sky-Prairie-14-5-_4021

When we returned we decided to hike the area that had greened up. There is a small stream and waterfall in this section. The light was not very good for photographing the waterfall but there was some nice light for photographing the prairie.



There appeared to be several buffalo rubbing stones in the prairie. These are stones that the buffalo rubbed against and in doing so polished them.Touch-the-Sky-Prairie-14-5-_4018

My wife headed back to get the car and I walked out over the prairie to another parking lot. It was a mess hiking though the burned area my clothes were covered with soot from getting on the ground to take photos. I did see a huge Jack Rabbit but wasn’t able to take a photo of it. Because the prairie had recently been burned there were no wildflowers out although some of them were getting ready to bloom.Touch-the-Sky-Prairie-14-5-_4039

More photos from Touch the Sky Prairie can be found on my website.

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