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A few weeks ago my wife and I visited High Falls on the Pigeon River located at Grand Portage State Park. There was a lot of water still going over the falls but we were a bit late for the full spring melt. Actually that is a good thing because a heavy water flow makes it difficult to take photos because it is constantly raining on the observation platforms. On this particular day there was a light mist but nothing like it usually is this time of year. We were there early in the morning where there was a beautiful rainbow at the falls.High-Falls-Grand-Portage-State-Park-14-5-_1905



We were fortunate to run into Travis Novitsky at the falls. Travis is a self-taught Native American photographer living in Grand Portage and has captured some Beautiful photographs of the area. If you haven’t seen his work check out his website.

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  1. Superb! Looks like an awful lot of water going over those falls.

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