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In a previous post I mentioned the great day of ship watching as the last convoy of the spring came into Duluth. The elapsed time between the first and last ship was about two hours. Fortunately there was plenty of “entertainment” taking place in Canal Park.

Several groups were participating in the Cold Water Challenge. Fortunately they were doing it on the beach next to the ship canal. Earlier in the week officials were spending their time preventing kids from jumping into the ship canal.Cold-Water-Challenge-14-5-_0416

Several bikers were doing tricks on the rocks along the beach as well as out on the ice.Canal-Park-14-5-_0300

A wedding was taking place in Canal Park.Canal-Park-Wedding-14-5-_0240

Kids were playing on the ice.Canal-Park-14-5-_0233

There were so many things to watch that it was difficult to take it all in.


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