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A Last Week we drove through Crex Meadows to check on the returning birds. We saw about a dozen pairs of Trumpeter Swans at various locations. Because many of the areas were still frozen the swans were sticking close to shore where there was open water. This made it easy to get some photographs.

Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan


We also saw a couple of dozen Sandhill Cranes. The was the largest number of cranes we had seen this early in the spring. There was still a lot of ice on some of the larger flowages.

Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane


There were also quite a few Canada Geese throughout the flowage.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose


I’m not sure how the birds fared after 18 inches of snow last week.


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  1. The beauty of the swan is seen in nature and in dance. Let the beauty of peace rule one’s heart.

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