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Earlier this winter I wrote a blog describing at trip to the Nelson’s Ice Formations on the Rush river. Last week we made a second trip to visit the ice formations and see what they looked like after a stretch of warm weather. The nice jagged edges were gone and the ice formations were mere shadows of themselves.

More photos of the Nelson Ice Formations can be found on my website.


 In order to enjoy the formations it was necessary to get up close to them and walk on what is, increasingly, slippery ice. Fortunately we brought our ice cleats along this time. Always a good idea when photographing ice.Nelson's-On-the-Rush-River-14-3-_1472

I was hoping for a nice sunny day with blue sky so the ice formations would stand out from the sky. Unfortunately by the time we reached the Nelson’s the sky was filled with clouds that were moving in and out of the background.Nelson's-On-the-Rush-River-14-3-_1493

 The water was still running and could be see shooting out of the pipes were are now visible on some of the formations. Now the spraying water isn’t freezing it is cutting into the formations and leaving pools of green colored water within the formation.Nelson's-On-the-Rush-River-14-3-_1525


This portion of one formation reminded me of Edvard Munch’s the Scream.Nelson's-On-the-Rush-River-14-3-_1508d


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