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As I mentioned in an earlier blog the 2014 shipping season is about to get underway in Lake Superior. The Coast Guard Cutter Alder has been breaking ice. Currently there are 10 Great Lakes ships in the Duluth/Superior Harbor waiting for the shipping season to start. Four ships the Kaye E. Barker, Great Republic, John G. Munson and John J. Borland are at Fraser Shipyards in Superior.

Great Republic

Great Republic

The Presque Isle is at Port Terminal for Winter Layup.

Presque Isle

Presque Isle

The St. Clair is at Garfield D

St. Clair

St. Clair

The American Sprit is at Port Terminal.

American Spirit

American Spirit

Current thinking is that with all of the ice on Lake Superior that a Coast Guard Cutter will need to be called out to lead a convoy of ships out into the lake. If that happens it should be really exciting and something to see.


  1. I was just visiting the Lake Michigan side of Door County and saw a large path that seemed to have been broken through and wondered who was responsible for that. I figured it wouldn’t be the city and that it must have been the coast guard. Thanks for the insight! Amazing how all that ice still doesn’t stop the world going round!

    • If you go to you can see where all of the ships on the great lakes are located and where they are going. For the next couple of weeks Coast Guard Cutters will be breaking ice before the start of the shipping season on March 25th.

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