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My wife and I headed out last week to search for Bald Eagles along the Mississippi River. Our first stop was Alma below Lock and Dam number four. Not an eagle to be seen. Our next stop was Reads Landing. We saw only two eagles and didn’t bother to get the camera out.Bald-Eagle-14-2-_1043

We then headed up to Red Wing and Colvill Park. As soon as we pulled into the park we saw an immature Bald Eagle sitting in a tree next to the parking lot. Someone was taking it’s photo. I was able to get some photos of it then went looking for other shots.Bald-Eagle-14-2-_1001

There were about two dozen eagles in the area. A few of them were successful in catching fish but as soon as they landed they attracted other eagles that started battling for the fish. In several cases they lost the fish.Bald-Eagle-14-2-_1057

The immature Bald Eagle returned to a tree near the parking lot so I managed some more photos of it. In talking with another photographer she said that earlier in the morning it had landed on one of the docks and she was able to walk up to within four feet of it.Bald-Eagle-14-2-_1027

Most of my photos were of immature Bald Eagles because those were the ones hanging around the parking area on this particular day.Bald-Eagle-14-2-_1050

They should be around until the end of February when they will disperse to their summer grounds.Bald-Eagle-14-2-_1046

More Bald Eagle photos can be found on my website.


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  1. Great captures!

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