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I was trying to remember the last time we were at the Hudson, Wisconsin Hot Air Affair. Turns out it was a couple of years ago. We drove over to the event only to find that the weather was too  warm and the balloonists could not drive on to the launch area and it was even too muddy to inflate the balloons. Ballooning is a fickle  event that is heavily dependent up the weather. We thought we would give it another try.Hudson-Hot-Air-Affair-14-2-_0851

The Hudson Hot Air Affair in is one of the larger Hot Air Balloon Festivals in the area. The festival is normally a week earlier but it was great that it was moved because it conflicted with several other events we like to take in.Hudson-Hot-Air-Affair-14-2-_0914

The mass ascension flight was scheduled for 7:30am on Saturday. Late the evening before we decided not to try and take it in because of the predicted snow, winds and cold. On Saturday morning we found that the morning balloon launch did not take place because of high winds.Hudson-Hot-Air-Affair-14-2-_0765

We decided to drive over to the festival and hoped the mass ascension would take place in the afternoon. We lucked out. Shortly after we arrived it was announced that the mass ascension would take place and the balloons started arriving at the launch site.Hudson-Hot-Air-Affair-14-2-_0960

I’ve been to a number of balloon festivals and this was the largest number of balloons I’ve see. The web site said there would be 40 balloons and it appeared there were close to that number.Hudson-Hot-Air-Affair-14-2-_0892

There was very little wind so we were able to get some photos with lots of balloons in the air.Hudson-Hot-Air-Affair-14-2-_0868

It was a cold overcast day with a little snow in the air but it was great fun watching all of the balloon take off. Lots of photographers around to get pictures of the event.Hudson-Hot-Air-Affair-14-2-_0874

More photos from the Hudson Hot Air Affair can be found on my website.

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