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After a lunch in Bayfield I convinced my wife that we should drive out to Madeline Island on the ice road. With all of the people in the area for the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race and the Apostle Islands Ice Caves I thought there would be a little more traffic than we actually saw. Madeline-Island-Ice-Road-14-2-_0420

Along the road there were cars parked and fishing shack setup. No one was outside fishing because it was only about 6 degrees out. Madeline-Island-Ice-Road-14-2-_0380

We did spot a couple of people who appeared to be walking to the mainland. It was about a 3 mile walk.

When we reached Madeline Island we noticed that two of the wind sleds were parked on the ice. These are used to transport people from Madeline Island to Bayfield between the time the Madeline Island Ferry stops running and the time the ice is thick enough for the ice road to open. They are also used again in the spring then the ice breaks up.Madeline-Island-Ice-Road-14-2-_0408

We drove around Madeline Island since it was the first time we had been on the island. Near the post office we found this tug boat frozen into the ice.Tug-Boat14-2-_0416

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