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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Normally the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge is illuminated by golden lights. This past weekend it was illuminated by teal lights in recognition of ovarian Cancer awareness. I thought it was going to be lit for the entire weekend but it turned out it was only lit on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I planned to go down and photograph it on Saturday night but a heavy rain storm washed those plans out. I decided to get up extra early to photograph the sunrise so I could also photograph the Lift Bridge.

Teal Aerial Lift Bridge-13-9-_9185

Teal Aerial Lift Bridge-13-9-_9194

Teal Aerial Lift Bridge-13-9-_9400


More photos from Canal Park can be found on my website.

I was wandering around the Canal Park early on Monday morning when a fog bank that had been out in the lake moved into the harbor area. These are some of the photos from the event.

Park Point Beach

Park Point Beach

Riverland Ag Dock

Riverland Ag Dock

Dredge in Duluth Harbor

Dredge in Duluth Harbor

Miedwie at Riverland Ag Dock

Miedwie at Riverland Ag Dock

Several weeks ago I happened to be in Duluth, Minnesota on the weekend the Superior man Triathlon was taking place so I headed dawn to the waterfront at dawn to watch the start of the swimming event. The start of  event is a bit unique because the participants are taken out into the harbor on the Vista Star touring boat. They then sail down the harbor and at the start of the race they jump off of the boat into the lake to start the 1.2 mile swim. The sun was just coming up when the first of the two groups headed out into the Harbor.


This shows the first group of swimmers in the water while the second group was loading onto the Vista Star.



After the swim they transition to the bike stage and bike 56 miles to Two Harbors, Minnesota and back along beautiful Lake Superior. It was starting to get warm and there was a 20 mph wind blowing along the North Shore bike route to Two Harbors so it was going to be tough going. This shot is of the first bike riders heading out on the course on Michigan Street below my condo.




Returning from the bike stage they finish with a 13.1 mile run along the Duluth waterfront. By the time the running stage started the temperatures had reached the high 90’s with high humidity. Many of the racers were struggling  at this point.




More photos from the event can be found on my website.

On a recent early morning in Canal Park I amused myself by photographing waves breaking against the South Breakwater.



Several weeks ago we walked down to the Wild Ones Garden in Leif Erickson Park. Many of the mid-summer flowers were on their way out but there were a large number of bees active in the garden.





We happened to be driving through the Duluth, Minnesota dock area when we noticed the Algowood loading grain. The Algowood is a Canadian bulk freighter that is 720 feet long and has a 261 foot self-unloading boom. The grain dust was so heavy in the air that it was difficult to get a clear shot at the ship.



The Duluth Rose Garden has a large number of roses but it also has many other flowers throughout the summer. It was a bright sunny day with lots of wind so it was difficult to photograph the flowers but I was happy with some of the shots.





As I noted in an earlier blog I had a record number of Orioles arrive this spring. Not only were there large numbers but I noticed they were gathering nest building materials. This was the first time this happened.


The first week on July I saw the results of the nearby nest building when I was inundated with fledgling Baltimore Orioles. I counted up to a dozen at my feeders at any one time. For most of the summer I have been feeding them a 32 oz jar of grape Jelly every day.


The fledglings stayed until the first week of September. At the end there appeared to be only one or two remaining. It’s interesting to note that the orioles always arrive on the same day that the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds arrive but the orioles are already gone and the hummingbirds remain.


This one just finished up with his bath.


More Oriole photos can be found on my website.

I recently donated one of my photos of a Monarch Caterpillar to a non-profit organization so they could include it in their Guide d’identification et de gestion des pollinisateurs et des plantes melliferes.

Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillar

It’s the time of the year when the Touch-me-nots are in bloom in great numbers along the red Cedar State Trail. I like to try and photograph them early in the morning when they are covered with dew.

Spotted Touch-me-not

Spotted Touch-me-not

Spotted Touch-me-not

Spotted Touch-me-not

Pale Touch-me-not

Pale Touch-me-not

Pale Touch-me-not

Pale Touch-me-not