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Last weekend we attended the first ever Le Festival des Montgolfieres at Bayfront Prk in Duluth, Minnesota. As near as I can tell it is the only balloon festival in Minnesota.

We headed down to the Park early in the evening on Friday. As it turned dark the plan was to inflate the balloons for a balloon glow as the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra played in the background. As it turned out there was too much wind so they arranged the baskets in front of the stage and turned on the burners at strategic points in the music.


As the evening wore on visitors were treated to an even better attraction as the full moon rose over the Aerial Lift Bridge.


Saturday morning we headed back down to Bayfront Park to watch the balloon ascensions and to get free static ride in one of the balloons. Unfortunately the wind was too strong and the only thing they could do was to inflate some of the balloons. There were a lot of photographers around to document the event.



On Saturday afternoon a local organization was offering free kites to the kids  so Bayfront Park was filled with kids, young and old, flying kites. It was a beautiful warm fall day.



On Saturday evening the balloons were to make yet another attempt to ascend. There was a good crowd on hand to listen to music and watch the balloon ascensions but, once again there was too much wind.


On Sunday morning there was one last attempt to get the balloons aloft but once again it was a beautiful day but too much wind. It’s hard to say if there will be a second balloon festival. It is a beautiful but tough venue for ballooning. The winds have to be relatively calm and have to be out of a specific direction because the balloons can’t go out over the lake or up the hills. Never-the-less it was a fun event to attend. It didn’t hurt that there were over a dozen craft breweries on site offering a taste of their brews.

More photos from the event can be found on my website.


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