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On the second day of the tall ships we were scheduled on the 9am sailing of the Denis Sullivan. When we woke up and looked outside it was so foggy that we couldn’t even see the Duluth Lift Bridge. Throughout the early morning the fog moved in and out. We weren’t sure that the Sullivan would sail in the fog. This is a shot of the Sullivan as it entered the harbor during the Parade of Ships.


We arrived at the docks about an hour before sailing. There were people lined up but one of the volunteers announced that they hadn’t been informed which line was for those sailing on the ships. About a half hour before the scheduled sailing things were straightened out and we walked down to the Great Lakes Aquarium where the Sullivan was docked. Some of the crew were up in the riggings working on the sails.


There was a nice breeze on an overcast day and the fog had cleared a bit. We boarded the ship. The crew lowered a small rubber boat which was used to push the Sullivan away from the dock.


As we sailed toward the Duluth Lift Bridge I noticed the crew of the Peacemaker up in the riggings working on the sails. That was quite a sight.


The lift bridge came up and we headed out through the ship canal. The bridge remained up. We were the first of three tall ships to sail out of the harbor. The Schooner Hindu followed us out. A short time later the Privateer Lynx came out under the bridge.


Once out on the lake the crew put folks to work helping to raise the sails. It was hard work pulling the heavy sails up.


I noticed the Hindu was sailing close to shore. It is a much smaller ship and the winds were creating some nice sized waves.


Soon we notice the Privateer Lynx sailing past us. This photo shows the Lynx plowing through the waves. The Lynx went out into the lake further than the other tall ships.


Once we were underway we were free to roam the ship. It was rough enough that we had to hang on to something as we moved about the ship. It was also rough enough that folks started to get a little green around the gills. This is a photo of Captain Tiffany Krihwan at the helm of the ship. She has over 20 years sailing experience.


I noticed that most of the tall ships have a small herb garden on board. The Sullivan was no different.


I walked up to the bow of the ship and watched as the horizon appeared and then disappeared as the ship rose and fell in the swells.


This was my last shot before it started raining hard. Although I didn’t have my camera pack I always carry a couple of plastic grocery bags with me. I rapped the cameras in bags for the return trip.


By the time we reached the dock everyone was soaked. My shoes squished with each step. In spite of the weather it was a fun sail. Probably better than sailing on a beautiful day with no wind. We headed back to the condo to get some warm clothes and grab a bite to eat.

I noticed that the sailings scheduled for the rest of the day took place in the harbor. Apparently it was a little too rough to take landlubbers out into the lake.

More photos from the Duluth Tall Ships Festival 2013 can be found on my website.

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