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As I mentioned in an earlier post I had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker turn up at my feeding station. The second week of July I had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker fledgling show up at my feeding station. To say that it was clueless is an understatement. It landed at the station and just sat there for most of the morning. The adult was nowhere to be found. Finally the adult turned up and fed the fledgling some grape jelly. This went on for almost a week. The fledgling kept landing at different places on the feeder and looking at the grape jelly. Finally it seemed to develop a routine and would land at one spot and gradually work its way to s place below the grape jelly. That is as far as it got for several day. It would just sit and look at the jelly. Finally it hopped up to the feeder and seemed to be eating jelly that others had dropped on the outside of the feeder. Then one day it actually hopped up on the feeder and started eating. It was around for little over a week before both the adult and fledgling disappeared.




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