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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Last week my wife and I made the short walk into Lost Creek Falls. It’s been a while for me and it was my wife’s first time. On the way to the falls we stopped and bought a pair of Muck Boots for her because I knew the trip to the falls would be over some wet ground and it makes it easier to walk through Lost Creek.


We definitely needed them because it had been raining and the ATV trail to the falls from Klemik Road is usually filled with pot holes and low boggy areas. I was also a little apprehensive about the clarity of the water. It has been raining a lot and some of the streams we encountered along the drive up were filed with silt.


When we reached the falls there were already a few people at the falls. Fortunately they left as I was starting to take photos. More people arrived as we were leaving the falls. This is the most people I’ve ever seen at the falls. The weather was cool and the best part there wasn’t a mosquito in sight.


Water conditions at the falls were actually quite good and I was able to get some good photographs.


We were in Duluth, Minnesota Mother’s Day weekend for a Mother’s Day Brunch at Glensheen. We thought we would take the opportunity to view some steam trains that would be running on National Train Day. Steam Engine 261 was scheduled to travel from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Duluth, Minnesota on Saturday. It was the first time the 261 had been used for an excursion in four years.


We walked down to the Railroad Museum in Duluth to watch the train come in but it was raining a bit and the train was late so we decided to skip that event. The next day we returned to the museum to watch the 261 depart at noon. There was a steam train running when we arrived but it was the 2719. When the 261 train departed it was being pulled by a diesel engine. Apparently we, along with quite a few others, did not get the memo that a diesel engine would pull the train to West Duluth where the 261 would pick it up. So the 261 was a bust.


We stayed around and took some photos of the steam train 2719 which was going to take a day trip to Two Harbors. There were quite a few folks around to photograph the 261 and some of them stayed around to photograph the 2719 as it moved from the storage shed to the depot to pick up the train to Two Harbors.


After photographing it at the station we headed back to Canal Park where we planned to photograph it along the boardwalk. Apparently it was on US train time because it was late getting started so we had lots of time on our hands. There was a ship coming into the harbor which we also wanted to photograph but since the train was late we missed that opportunity. There wasn’t anyone else around to see the steam train pass by the lakewalk.


The Blue Heron is a research vessel operated by the University of Minnesota – Duluth. It is a former fishing vessel that has been converted for use as a research vessel by the University. I’ve photographed in the Duluth Harbor area for a number of years and had never see this vessel which is docked at the US Army Corps Vessel Yard. This year the Blue Heron will be conducting Science Friday events on the last Friday of each month through October. The ship will be docked at the DECC for the open house events.


The Blue Heron will be open for visitors to stop in and tour the ship and ask questions about the research being done. We stopped in the end of April to walk through the ship and take a few photographs.


Ironically, after having never seen the ship before we encountered it several times over the next several weeks as it entered and exited the harbor for research on lake Superior.


This past week I had a chance to stop at Amnicon Falls State Park. When we first arrived it was overcast which made it easier to photograph. It had been raining during the past few days and water levels were moderate.