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Earlier in the week it looked like we were going to have a couple of days of sunny weather so my wife and I decided to drive to Grantsburg to visit Crex meadows. We wanted to make the visit in the spring but the weather just didn’t cooperate.


We arrived late in the afternoon and made a quick stop at the visitors center to see if anything of importance was happening in the Meadows. The mention of five different groups of Cygnets caught my attention. The education officer pointed out where in the Meadows they were located.


We took our usual route through the Meadows checking all of the locations where the swans with cygnets might be. We saw a couple of different batches but they were quite a ways from the road. As we wound our way back through the flowages we encountered them again and this time they were a little closer to the road.


We returned to Grantsburg for dinner and then headed back out to watch the sunset and look for more swans. We hadn’t gone too far before we noticed a pair of swans with cygnets right next to the road. They had six cygnets, which was the most we saw during the trip. They were actually so close I couldn’t photograph them with my birding lens on. They moved out into the flowage with the evening sunset reflecting golden colors off of them.


We then encountered another batch of them. They were quite a ways from the road but when we stopped one of the adults took off honking as it went. I started photographing the remaining swans with storm clouds in the background. As I was photographing them I started to hear the honking get louder and louder. I turned around in time to see that the adult had circled around and was heading back to the family.


It was a great couple of days. We saw five different sets of Trumpeter Swans with cygnets. More photos from Crex Meadows can be found on my website.

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