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I was looking at the Duluth Shipping News to determine which ships would be entering the harbor during my visit to Duluth. I happen to notice a ship listed that I had not seen before. It wasn’t coming to Duluth but would be docking in Two Harbors on Thursday and was scheduled to leave the port early in the morning on Friday. On Friday we were driving up to Gooseberry Falls to catch the spring melt on the Gooseberry River. We decided to stop at the harbor in Two Harbors to see what was going on.


There was a barge with a crane loaded on it dredging muck next to one of the docks. We watched that for a while before driving around to the parking lot by the lighthouse. I happened to notice a ship parked at one of the docks but we couldn’t get a clear view from the parking lot. We walked out to the lighthouse and discovered that the Kuber/Victory was still in port.


This combination of ships is a strange design which is what attracted me to it in the first place. The Kuber was formerly the great lakes steamer Reserve. In the fall of 2007 it was converted into a barge. The power plant and some of the superstructure was removed. A notch was added to the back so a tug boat could be attached.  Apparently this was done because the original ship required a crew of 25 and the new configuration could be run by a crew of 14. Since the conversion it has only been to Duluth a couple of times.

James L. Kuber-Tug Victory two Harbors 13-4-_2383

I wanted to see it head out into the lake but it stayed in the dock while I was at the harbor. Apparently it left the dock about 15 minutes after I drove up to Gooseberry Falls.

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