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May started off with a bang. I started snowing on the evening of May 1st, continued all day on May 2nd and finally ended mid day on the 3rd of May. Well over a foot of heavy wet snow. It was difficult photographing birds because of the heavy snowfall and the wet snow hitting the windows but I managed to capture a few of the spring birds at the feeding stations.

I had a lot of White-throated Sparrows around during the storm. I’ve had a few of them around in the past but never this many.


The Northern Cardinals are still around although only a couple of pairs of them. Nothing like the dozen or so I had this winter. They really looked miserable during the storm.




The Dark-eyed Juncos were all gone after a week of 70 and 80 degree weather but a few of them returned after the storm.


The Song Sparrows have been around for several weeks and I suspect they will again be nesting in the bushes near the house. I think any thoughts of nesting have been delayed a bit because of the storm.


House Sparrows are rarely seen around the farm. I’m not sure why. I see them around town a lot but not on the farm. This one turned up during the storm.


There were a pair of White-breasted Nuthatches at the feeder during the storm but I was not able to get a photo of them together.


I’ve had good number of House Finches around the feeder in the past couple of weeks and they turned up during the storm.


The last time I saw the American Goldfinches they were molting. They were not around much during the warm weather but turned up, in small numbers, during the storm. It looks like molting has been completed.


I’m not sure what this bird is. It turned up at the feeder during the height of the storm but I haven’t figured out what it is.


There were a variety of other birds around but I wasn’t able to get any Photos.

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  1. I do believe the last bird is a field sparrow. Great captures of these lovelies in the snow.

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