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On a beautiful spring day my wife and I decided to take an early morning walk along the Park Point Beach. The beach is about seven and a half miles long and when combined with the Wisconsin Point beach comprises the longest freshwater sandbar in the world.Park-Point-Beach-13-4-_2224

It wasn’t surprising that there were quite a few people out walking. Duluth had just gone through the snowiest April on Record and this was one of the first nice days of spring. There were hikers, dog walkers and joggers on the beach as well as families with kids playing in the sand. Fog was rolling in off of the ice on the lake.


As we walked along we noticed several small planes flying out of Sky Harbor Airport. Apparently they were involved in flying lessons since they would fly to the Airport and touchdown and then fly off again.


There was considerable ice just off of the beach. This had been pushed in when a violent storm hit the week before. Winds were gusting at over 50 miles per hour and ice that was out in the lake was pushed into the beach. This kayaker was taking advantage of the ice to get some great photos. The Blue Heron is in the background.


There were geese out on the lake but these two were walking along the ice next to the beach.

Canada Geese Park Point 13-4-_2290

All along the beach people have erected structures with the driftwood from the beach. This one was a little more elaborate that most.


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