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I was really excited to see the Grey Squirrel at my bird feeder a couple of weeks ago. It has been five years since I’ve seen a squirrel at my feeder. The euphoria was short lived and I now understand why my brother-in-law has declared war on them. He was on my feeder when I woke up this morning. We were having yet another snowstorm. He looked very comfortable on the feeder so I let him eat for a while before opening the window and hollering at him. Later in the morning while I was photographing birds I noticed that my feeder looked a little strange. Upon closer examination I noticed that the squirrel had started tearing apart my feeder. A state of war has now been declared!






  1. I had one that had babies in a Willow tree in our yard. Then she decided to chew a hole in the fascia area of the garage and had a nest in there. She chewed the drywall, chewed up the tent, chewed up some storage boxes. I called animal control and they suggested we be kind and not have her removed until the babies were grown.

    Eventually she moved out. LOL! The contractor came and repaired the hole. Two days later she chewed through the wood again!

    If my dad had been around he would have gotten out the BB gun!

    And the next year she was back and apparently the automatic garage door got her!

  2. I’ve also noticed the return of the Greys and they seem to be the ones attacking my bird feeder as well! The black squirrels are content with eating the squirrel feed I spread around the yard. Our feeder is now on the ground so I’m going to have to look into a more sturdy, and Grey-proof, feeder šŸ™‚

  3. LOL ! Just wait until he has babies ! I have a whole colony of squirrels. I provide them easy access to food and some bird only type feeders. They also don’t like safflower. Good luck with your new visitor.

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