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It’s been cold around here. On Tuesday it was -15 degrees but today it was a relatively balmy 10 ten degrees. Earlier in the week my wife and I were trying to decide which day to take off and go for a hike. Since the warmest day of the week was going to be Wednesday we decided to try and fit in a hike.

 Most of the hiking areas around home are ski trails in the winter and are closed to hiking so we decided to drive up the Chippewa Moraine Segment of the Ice Age Trail. Its located just north of Bloomer, Wisconsin. It had snowed a little overnight and the roads were a little slick on the drive up.


As we drove up to the visitors center we noticed quite a few cars in the parking lot. This was a little surprising since it was so cold out. Along the road a bunch of kids were playing in the snow. When we went into the visitors center it was packed with kids all working of a project to see who could find the most things listed on a list they had been given. We talked to the ranger a bit and he said that students usually come if the temperatures are above zero. We are a hardy bunch in Wisconsin.


It was supposed to be cloudy in the morning but when we reached the visitors center it was a beautiful crisp sunny day. There was not a lot of snow on the trails and we figured they might be icy so we both wore ice grippers on our feet. Turns out that the week before all of the trails were glare ice but a light snow and some thawing provided good traction. However, if you are considering hiking in this area ice grippers are a good investment.


It was supposed to be sunny in the afternoon but by the time we were half way around the 4.5 mile loop it had clouded up and started to snow. The wind picked up making the wind-chill around -2 degrees. Nevertheless it was a great day to be out hiking and getting some exercise.


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