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On a recent trip to the Minnesota North Shore I decided to drive up to the Canadian Border and check out conditions at High Falls in Grand Portage State Park. I’ve been to the park in all of the other seasons but never in the winter. It happened to be one of those days when things weren’t going right. When I left home I had forgotten my tripod. On the walk to the Falls I remembered that the camera I intended to use was back in the car. I did have a camera with a wide angle lens so I used it to take a few photos. Fortunately I wasn’t too disappointed because there was not a lot to see at the falls. I would have expected considerably more ice but with the drought the water flow is much lower than normal.  As the ranger said someone turned off the spigot upstream.



  1. When we hiked in the park this summer, I wondered the same thing — it’s like half the falls were missing! ~ Kat

    • Thanks for the comment. Best time to go if you want to see lots of water is in the spring.

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