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I don’t take a lot of cloud photos but occasionally I run across something that is interesting. The first shot was taken at a soccer game in the Twin Cities. As the game neared its end the sky became dark and the clouds ominous. I took a few photos and headed for shelter. There were tornados in the area that day but  none of them touched down.

I live in the woods so I’m not able to get many good cloud photos. One night last summer the sunset hit the clouds just right creating some dramatic light. I was able to get a shot through the trees. This was the result.

This summer I was at Crex Meadows to photograph the wildlife. In the morning I generally go out to shoot the sunrise. The sunrise wasn’t anything special but this interesting cloud was in the sky over Phantom Lake.

This fall I was at Hawk Ridge in Duluth to photograph the fall bird migration. Unfortunately conditions were such that there weren’t many birds migrating. However, I did notice this interesting cloud formation. It reminded me of ice pancakes that are fun to photograph in the winter.

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