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This probably falls under the better late than never category. About a month ago we were in Duluth when the NorthShore Inline Marathon was taking place. We had gone down to Canal Park to photograph the sunrise but there wasn’t much of a sunrise. We wandered over to where the Irwin is docked, finish line for the race, to see what was going on. there wasn’t much happening but they we getting ready for the first of the half marathon racers to finish.

We headed back to our condo to grab a bite to eat before the main race group was scheduled to finish. I was out on the balcony drinking morning coffee when the first of the half marathon racers started coming by. I managed a few photos of them because the course ran on the road below the condo. After watching them for a while we headed out to get to the finish area before the racers from the full marathon started to finish.

We arrived near the finish area with a few minutes to spare. I took a few photos of the finish area and then picked a good spot about a hundred yards from the finish line. I was surprised there weren’t more people around but I suppose there are plenty of places to watch a 26 mile race.

Soon some motor cycles and police cars came along the road with the first two racers neck and neck. It was almost a photo finish with Wesley Gandy from Virginia finishing less than a second ahead of Mejia from Columbia.

We then walked back down the race course to take a few more photos of the later racers finishing. This was take on the exit ramp from south fifth avenue. The racers were coming up the ramp.

When we returned to the condo the race was still underway and I had a little more coffee and watched some of the later racers finish.

More photos from the race can be found on my website.

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