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Yesterday we had a heavy fog in the morning. I thought for sure there would be heavy dew on the Touch-me-nots growing along the Red Cedar River. I grabbed my camera gear and drove down to the Red Cedar Trail which parallels the river. As I walked along there was plenty of fog but no dew. I was really surprised and a little disappointed that I had made the trip for nothing to show for it.

Lunch Break

On the drive home I took a different route. The sun was just starting to peak through the morning fog. As I drove along the road I started to seen large numbers of spider webs glistening in the sun between the grass and weeds. I had photographed garden spiders before in the same area under the same conditions so I really got excited.

Garden Spider

I found a place to pull off of the road and started walking along the ditch. There were Garden Spiders on almost every web. Occasionally they would drop off when I approached but most of them stayed in the center of the web. A number of them had food they had wrapped up and one appeared to be eating a grasshopper that had been trapped.

Garden Spider

I was hoping to see one catch something in the web but it was early and there weren’t many critters out and about. I had seen a garden spider catch something several years ago and was amazed how fast it wrapped up its prey. Several years ago I observed one catching an insect and photographed the process. Here is the montage of photos that I put together.

The Capture


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    • commercialfineart
    • Posted September 8, 2012 at 7:09 PM
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    We had one in the garden, a monster, just like this as well. If only it could take care of all the pests!

    Nice photos.


    Matt Anderson
    President Commercial Fine Art
    Luxury Nature Photography

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