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About 20 years ago I planted some wildflowers in a prairie area in front of my house. It was quite a project. I sprayed the entire area with roundup several times over a summer. The next spring I sprayed it again. When I went to plant the wildflowers I found the ground was like cement. It had been a field for years and the soil was mostly clay. I was able to blast some rows in the ground and plant the seeds. I didn’t hold out much hope that they would survive. Much to my surprise they flourished. Unfortunately, over the next few summers they mostly disappeared.

Several years ago I decided to plant fewer vegetables in my garden and try and plant some wildflowers. The first year I used seeds but nothing grew. The second year I used a strip of seeds embedded in a mulch and fertilizer. Again nothing grew and the strip kept blowing away. This year I went back to seeds. This time I ran a soaker hose down the row. I ran the hose for about an hour each day. Finally success. I have some beautiful wildflowers in the garden. These are a few of the first to bloom.

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