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About a month ago I started hearing noises in the basement. It was a constant banging but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Finally, I noticed that a female Northern Cardinal was banging against the basement window. We keep our cat, Scooter, in the basement when it is really cold out. He had to be going crazy with this bird constantly banging against the widow right above where he sleeps.

About a week later I noticed that it started banging against a window in the front entry way. I thought the cat would be happy with this turn of events. Unfortunately, the cardinal continued to bang against the basement window as well. The poor male cardinal just sits back and watches with a puzzled look.

Another week another window. I was awoken at sunrise with a banging. I thought someone was knocking at the bedroom door but no it was the female cardinal banging against the bedroom window. Now she is banging against three different windows. After a few days of being awoken at sunrise I put the blinds down on the bedroom window. This seems to have put a stop to her banging on one of the windows.

What a mess. I’ve tried to clean the windows but my normal cleaning methods don’t seem to work. If anyone has a good way to clean the mess off of the windows let me know.

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  1. superb!

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