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I was reminded that all of the ice fishing shacks had to be removed from Lake Menomin last week. Ice fishing is probably a bit foreign to most of the country but is a common sport and sight up north. During the winter I usually walk around the lake photographing some of the fishing shacks. As the ice thickens a small city sprouts up on the ice.

Once the ice forms on the lake people start heading out to fish. Fishing is always best when the ice is thin. That’s probably why we have people and cars falling through the ice every year.

There are a variety of ice shacks on the ice. Some are no more than portable tents that are designed to provide shelter but are easy to move around on the ice. They are usually removed at the end of the day.

Some folks are creative in designing their ice houses. This one is made from wood and a truck topper.

More and more there are top of the line commercial ice fishing shacks to be found. They are driven out on the ice at the start of the year. The wheels can be raised and the house set on the ice. When it comes time to move or remove the ice house the wheels are lowered and the house is driven off of the ice.

More ice shack photos can be found on my website.


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