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This past weekend my wife and I had planned a trip up to the U.P. of Michigan but they had a big snowstorm and we wouldn’t have been able to stay until it ended. We decided to stick around home. On Saturday we drove out to the 12 mile marker on the Red Cedar Trail and hiked back toward Downsville. We ended up hiking from the trail intersection on County Y to the Dunnville Sandstone Quarry.

The trail was a combination of gravel, snow and ice. It is a multiuse section of the trail that is used for skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. There was evidence that many different critters were using the trail. We found tracks on the trail from, people, horses, deer, turkeys, Raccoons, mice and rabbits. It looked like a flock of Wild Turkeys had walked down the trail when the ground was soft.

Normally there are some nice ice falls along the trail but this year things were a little sparse. On the on the other hand with no snow cover it was much easier to walk back into the ice falls. Most of the ice along the trail was milky white. One ice fall was particularly interesting because it consisted mainly of black ice.

There were also opportunities to photograph leaves that had melted into the snow. This is a leaf that happened to be sitting on top of a rare patch of ice in the ditch along the trail.

I like to hike this section of the trail on a sunny winter day when the late afternoon sun hits the Dunnville sandstone it really brings out the color. It also creates some interesting shadow patterns on the sandstone walls.


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