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Bonanza Falls

Bonanza Falls is located just outside Silver City, Michigan on the Big Iron River.   I had driven by these wonderful little falls many times on my travels through the U.P. but had never stopped. For some reason I had it confused with another waterfall that was difficult to find. I thought I the falls could only be reached with 4WD vehicle over a few miles of rough roads.

Bonanza Falls

One morning after a visit to Lake of the Clouds, in Porcupine Wilderness State Park I had some time to kill so I decided to try and make it to Bonanza Falls. Turns out the Falls is about 150 yards off of the main road. What a surprise! I spent about an hour walking around the falls taking photographs. As I looked at the view across the Big Iron River I noticed a little color in the trees and thought this would be a great place to take some fall photographs. This photo is from a later visit in the fall.

Bonanza FallsOn a subsequent trip to the area I had planned to drive out to Union Bay to Photograph the Sunset. Unfortunately as I neared Union Bay I realized that the heavy overcast was not going to clear. I decided to stop at Bonanza Falls. The low light levels allowed me to capture some amazing fall photographs of the falls.

Bonanza Falls

On another Visit to the I drove up to Lake of the Clouds to photograph the sunrise. Unfortunately it was cloudy and the wind was so strong that I could barely keep the tripod upright. I decided to pack it in and started back to my motel in White Pine. As I neared Bonanza Falls I noticed that there was a little clearing in the clouds and some nice light. I pulled in to Bonanza falls to have a look. There were some great clouds and light.

Bonanza Falls

What is so amazing about photographing at Bonanza Falls is that if you hit it at the right water levels there will be many small waterfalls and pools of water winding through and over the rock uplifts that you can photograph. The site has two main falls Bonanza and at the west side of the river Greenwood. In between there are many other falls to photograph.

The areas is also interesting because of the rock uplift. the rocks at the bottom of the river are uplifted at a severe angle. In the right conditions you can almost walk across the Big Iron River on the uplifted rock photographing small waterfalls all along the way.

More Photos of the area can be found on my website.

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