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I happened to find the fascinating would of Grand Marais Harbor ice patterns by accident. A number of years ago my wife and I took a group of kids up to Lutsen Mountain skiing. We had planned to do some cross country skiing while the kids downhill skied at Lutsen. Unfortunately it rained all the way up the North Shore. The next morning it turned colder. Downhill skiing was really fast but the cross country trails were a mess.

My wife and I decided to drive up the North Shore to Grand Marais to do a little shopping and look around the harbor. The Ben Franklin store in Grand Marais is not to be missed. They have everything you will need to survive in the north woods.

The Grand Marais Harbor breakwater is a cement structure built on top of a natural rock formation. Outside the breakwater there is a considerable area of exposed rock. As we walked along the breakwater we noticed that when heavy waves washed over the exposed rock water had been trapped in large cracks and small depressions. It then froze creating some fascinating ice patterns. We spend a good part of a very cold afternoon walking around the rocks looking at ice patterns.

We have since returned to Grand Marais a number of times to look for and photograph the ice patterns.

You can find more ice pattern photographs on my website. Since photos are arranged in chronological order you will need to page through the photos to find the older ice pattern photos. 

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