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We made a second visit this December to Duluth. Once again we stayed at a motel on Canal Park. We arrived shortly before the Packers/Raiders game. I was the only one that went out to view the sunset. Everyone else stayed in the motel to watch the game.

Glaucous Gull

When I arrived at the harbor entrance there was another photographer there with a camera and scope. Turns out he was an avid birdwatcher so I was clued in as to what was happening. There was a Glaucous Gull walking along the breakwater. They are normally found in the arctic but some of them winter in the Duluth area. A rare find for me and the first one I had seen.


There was also a large flock of Goldeneye’s in the harbor canal. Among them was a single Barrow’s Goldeneye. Apparently a rare find. I didn’t have my long lens along so I didn’tGoldeneye’s manage a shot of the Barrow’s Goldeneye. While I was watching the Goldeneye’s they all took off. The only bird remaining was the Barrow’s. There were also several other species of Gulls, Pigeons and ducks around.

Biscayne Bay Outside North Light

There were a number of ships anchored just outside the harbor. While I was waiting for sunset a pilot boat went out to one of them. There was also a tug boat just inside the harbor apparently waiting for the ship to come in. The ice breaker Biscayne Bay had been tied up by the DECC most of the week. A photo on the Duluth Shipping News showed that it was surrounded by ice but it had been warm so most of the ice was gone. While I was waiting the ice breaker left the harbor and headed northeast.

The highlight of the previous trip was the fantastic sunrise. On this trip there was no sunrise but the sunset was nice and provided the opportunity for some silhouette photos as the sun set behind the lift bridge and harbor.

Duluth Lift Bridge

Duluth Lift Bridge

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