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One of our stops on our trips to the Minnesota North Shore is usually Grand Marais. We usually stop their to end our day and use it to get an early start for the Canadian border and the Minnesota state park to the north.

This fall was no exception. We arrived late in the day, had a bite to eat, then headed out to the Harbor to photograph the sunset. It was really warm, in fact it was one of the warmer evenings I’ve spent in Grand Marais. As a result we stayed to watch and photograph the last rays of the sunset.

On the way out to the lighthouse we found a number of folks had written their names and messages on the rocks. The nice thing about it was they didn’t deface the rock they just used smaller pebbles to create their message. This was the first time I had seen this done in the harbor.

After the official sunset the sky turned a beautiful read so I photographed the lighthouse in silhouette. There were a number of other folks out in the evening enjoying the sunset so I captured their silhouette as well.

Grand Marais Harbor Sunrise

The next morning we got up early to photograph the sunrise. I had hoped to go out to Artists Point the evening before and scout out a location but we didn’t have time. It looked like the sunrise wasn’t going to be all that great anyway so I decided to photograph from the parking lot. I captured these rocks with the sun rising.

Juvenile Herring Gull

I had put all of my camera gear away when my wife asked me if I had ever seen a gull sitting in a tree. I hadn’t but there was one sitting in a Mountain Ash tree feeding on the berries. I unpacked my camera and took a few shots.

More shots of Grand Marais Harbor can be found on my website.


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  1. Beautiful!

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