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Double Bubble Level

I get this question occasionally when I’m out and about and photographing in popular locations. It’s a bubble level. One time I was photographing and someone asked my wife what it was and she said she thought it was a level. The inquirer thought she was kidding and didn’t believe her.  I use a hot shoe 2 axis double bubble spirit level  that mounts on the flash shoe of the camera. It allows me to quickly make sure the shot I’m about to take is level with the horizon. I seem to have a slight list to the left so this corrects it. My newer camera has an internal horizon but since I have and continue to use two older cameras I still use my handy bubble level. Nothing irritates me more than looking at what would be a great photo only to see that the horizon is at an angel. The bubble level solves this problem.

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  1. Hey, Philip –

    Glad I’m not the only one that happens to! I _always_ use a bubble for anything where true vertical or horizontal matters. I just had to re-edit & straighten a photo I took the day after my primary bubble level (What? Doesn’t everybody carry a spare bubble level?) fell over a 20′ cliff & into the drink. I need to check my backup bubble level’s levelness against another source, though, as this photo was a good 4 degrees off level. Or maybe I’m just hopeless even with a bubble level… 🙂

    Anyway, enjoying your posts, as always! And that’s on the level! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself…)

    – Jack

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