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Upper Falls

It seems that I’m always driving past Amnicon Falls State Park. Last week I stopped to stretch my legs on my way up to the Minnesota North Shore but didn’t take any photos since I had already been to Amnicon Falls twice this spring. On the way back from the North Shore there were heavy clouds which are always a good sign for waterfall photography. I realized that I have rarely been at Amnicon Falls when it was cloudy out and have constantly been fighting the harsh light of midday sun so I decided to stop and look around.

Now and Then Falls

There were a few more people at the fall than I would have liked but one group of kids who had been playing in the water were just on their way out. This left a couple of young lovers who always seemed to be where I wanted to take a photo so I was constantly moving to try and avoid them. I had tried to take a photo of the upper falls but they were in the way. I came back later only encounter another group arriving just as I was getting ready to photograph. I came back a third time only to encounter the young lovers again. Finally on my third try I was able to get a photo of the middle falls.

Lower Falls

In spite of the distractions the overcast day made for some great photography. I spent several hours walking around the island and photographing the various waterfalls in the park.

More photos of Amnicon Falls State Park can be found on my website.



One Comment

  1. These are great. I like the mixing water between the falls in Now and Then Falls. It makes for a more non-traditional waterfall photo.

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