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I had a chance to hike several sections of the Red Cedar State Trail this past week.

Ostrich Fern Unfolding

Wild Geranium

The early spring flowers are just about gone. There are a few Large-flowered Trillium, Marsh Marigolds, Swamp Buttercups and Pussytoes still around but they won’t last long. The mid spring flowers are starting to show themselves. The most common are the Wild Geranium and Wild Blue Phlox with a few Columbine also out. Various types of ferns  can be seen unfolding all along the trail. Unfortunately the DNR likes to mow a double wide swath along each side of the trail and in the process mows down lots of beautiful flowers.

In terms of wildlife I heard lots of different birds  but with the leaves on the trees and the strong winds it was difficult to find them and even more difficult to photograph them. There are a variety of warblers along the trail including Yellow and Common Yellowthroat. I noticed a number of American Redstarts. The Grey Catbirds can be seen and heard all along the trail as can the Red-winged Blackbirds and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. The eaglets at the 1.5 mile mark seem to be growing fast. One of the adult Bald Eagles was sitting in a tree along the trail calling to their young in the nest across the river. If you listen carefully you might hear them calling as you pass the limestone cliffs. I also saw several Bald Eagles flying along the river this week.

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  1. nice photography, I love the ostrich ferns. Mine have done well in our garden this year.
    Ostrich Ferns Gone Wild

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